Friday, February 7, 2020

Paintings and Essays - Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt Against Monet

Paintings and Essays - Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt Against MonetThe Cahiers de la Musique by Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Claude Monet are very good examples of a comparative painting essay. You may not have heard of the journal, but it is a great way to find out more about a painting that you admire. It contains some truly inspiring paintings.Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt against Monet, A Women Painting, 1830, by Claude-Auguste Rondot, is another one of the two Cahiers de la Musique collections featured in the above essay. Although it is not among the better-known paintings in the collection, this one is really distinctive. It is often called the New Portrait because it combines Monet's sharp focus on the human face with the attention to details of a modernist portrait. The quality of the composition is exceptional, but it still demonstrates an ability to create distance between the viewer and the subject. That combination, quite simply, mak es this painting very hard to do justice.Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt against Monet are a very good example of the paintings and essays that illustrate a strong and unique interest in art history. This particular collection has a lot of love for early Impressionist painters like Monet, and it has spent a lot of time exploring the artistic differences of their work. Not every artist can be a historical landmark like Monet.This painting by Claude-Auguste Rondot is a small, dark painting about a girl who apparently has to run away from the French impressionists. It is incredibly cute, too. As is the way with the exhibitions at the Musée Rieussec, Rondot paints something unusual. Yet as the people in the paintings are very much alive, and it is likely that this one came out of Rondot's real life, it looks very sweet and innocent.Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt against Monet, L'Amant-de-Verlaine, 1870, by Claude-Auguste Rondot, is an eye-catching work of art. It shows a young girl dressed in a smart dress, carrying a package, along with some much older female friends, who are lounging in the background.However, the canal street painting was a copy of a painting by Paul Cezanne in which a teenage girl was portrayed carrying a dog. So the style of Rondot's image is that of the untamed girl, in the way that the 18th century imitated the style of the Old Masters. I think you would agree that the characteristics of the French Impressionists, as well as the eighteenth century are reflected in this oil painting.Claude-Auguste Rondot and Claude-Pierrot Revolt against Monet, A Woman Painting, 1828, by Claude-Auguste Rondot, is an extraordinary contemporary view of a female figure. It reminds me of a medieval depiction of a maiden that would have been a part of the mediaeval royalty.

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